Monday, March 31, 2008

ooo shiny moment

That's what I had last week when I went to my LYS. I'd been drooling over some Malabrigo worsted in the Little Lovely colorway and finally couldn't take the pressure anymore. I bought 3 skeins and headed home to make myself a bag. And that is how this:

became this:

pattern: Booga Bag by Black Sheep Bags
yarn: Malabrigo worsted, Little Lovely colorway
needles: US 10.5

It actually only used ones skein and a very small portion of a second so I immediately cast on for a second bag. Naturally the second bag is going much slower than the first, it's been sitting around all weekend looking pretty but lonely. I'll definitely finish it up this week though.

There hasn't been enough progress on the Mystery Shawl to take a picture. If you click the link, you can tell the mystery has been revealed and I'm just a slacker. I'm already looking forward to the next mystery shawl which starts next week I think. Guess that means I need more laceweight.

Hubby, MIL and I spent yesterday at the Tempe Arts Festival and had a great time. I really don't do well with heat but I survived and it wasn't that bad. They were so impressed that I didn't drop dead after just a few minutes...but I did stop at the first booth I saw selling hats and got a wide brim hat for the day. (it'll come in handy during pool season too)

I picked up some really great artwork that I have sitting right in front of my computer. I don't know where to put it because I want to see it all the time, I just love all the colors!

See what I mean? All of the colors are just so bright and pretty. I wish I had remembered to pick up one of her business cards but alas, I didn't.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Long overdue knitting content

It's not that I haven't been's that I've been knitting feverishly. I finished my 9-5 socks for the Loopy Sock KAL on Ravelry. I'm impressed with myself that I started late and finished them before the April/May KAL. (that's knitalong for those of you that don't knit)

Aren't they great?! They are a very stretchy mock cable rib pattern that is very comfy on the foot. Please ignore the fact that my skin is just glaringly white, I'm not much of an outdoor kinda girl but I should get some color this summer.

pattern: 9-5 Socks by Nicole Hindes
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in the Snapdragon colorway
Needles: 2.25mm

Also in the new knitting front is my very first lace project. Did I start with something small? Heck no, I jumped right in head first and am doing the Mystery Shawl 7 by Goddess Knits. I'm very late getting started on this one though, the final clue has already been posted and I just now finished clue #1. Nobody said I had to be Speedy Gonzales or anything so I'm not concerned. I cast on last Wednesday while hanging out at my LYS. I have never read a chart before so I needed someone to tell me how to do that.

I'm using Malabrigo lace for this in the Ibizo colorway and I LOVE it! It is definitely quiet time knitting though. No tv, no ipod, no husband talking...complete silence. Jason head out yesterday to catch a flight and I sat home in the silence all day working on my shawl.

And lastly...the knitting part has been done for over a month but I'm just now getting around to taking a picture.

Pattern: Large Cabled Handbag by The Woolie Ewe
Yarn: Noro Iro colorway forgotten
Needles: US 13

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Family Member

What should I name our new addition? I found her today at Hobby Lobby and just couldn't pass her up, plus she was 50% off!
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And that isn't all of the recent sheepish additions, take a look at these:

Does this make a collection??

Monday, March 10, 2008

Very Bad Blogger

I've been really bad at keeping up with my blog lately...but that isn't news to all of you. I've been doing my knitting though and dealing with my ever fluctuating health issues. It is beginning to feel like I'll never get used to the medication and therefore I'll always have stomach issues that land me in bed at the drop of a hat.

Anyway, enough of that. I've finally finished the Simple Shrug and I hate it. Actually I really do like the yarn and it looks pretty but the fit is terrible and I can't imagine who it would fit properly. Oh, you want proof? Ok...

Not enough?? I tried it on a few other folks as well:

To recap, this is the Simple Shrug pattern that is on the ball band for Caron Simply Shadows yarn. The only real adjustment I made was to sleeve length and that obviously wasn't enough because the sleeves were too long on everyone who tried it on. The pattern calls for increasing every 5 rows until you have 100 stitches and I only increased every 5 rows until I reached 80 then increased every other row.

I finished my first 9-5 sock for my Loopy Sock KAL. As you can see, Ellie likes it as well.

I've got the second sock started but not that far along, nothing really to show.

Sally Melville
called my name and I started her Opaque sweater. I don't have pictures but I promise to post some this week.

Enough of me for now, I'm home alone and I haven't knit all day! The horror!! (But I did get a couple of new books and magazines today, more on that tomorrow.)