Monday, March 31, 2008

ooo shiny moment

That's what I had last week when I went to my LYS. I'd been drooling over some Malabrigo worsted in the Little Lovely colorway and finally couldn't take the pressure anymore. I bought 3 skeins and headed home to make myself a bag. And that is how this:

became this:

pattern: Booga Bag by Black Sheep Bags
yarn: Malabrigo worsted, Little Lovely colorway
needles: US 10.5

It actually only used ones skein and a very small portion of a second so I immediately cast on for a second bag. Naturally the second bag is going much slower than the first, it's been sitting around all weekend looking pretty but lonely. I'll definitely finish it up this week though.

There hasn't been enough progress on the Mystery Shawl to take a picture. If you click the link, you can tell the mystery has been revealed and I'm just a slacker. I'm already looking forward to the next mystery shawl which starts next week I think. Guess that means I need more laceweight.

Hubby, MIL and I spent yesterday at the Tempe Arts Festival and had a great time. I really don't do well with heat but I survived and it wasn't that bad. They were so impressed that I didn't drop dead after just a few minutes...but I did stop at the first booth I saw selling hats and got a wide brim hat for the day. (it'll come in handy during pool season too)

I picked up some really great artwork that I have sitting right in front of my computer. I don't know where to put it because I want to see it all the time, I just love all the colors!

See what I mean? All of the colors are just so bright and pretty. I wish I had remembered to pick up one of her business cards but alas, I didn't.


Anonymous said...

Love your Booga Bag. It on my list of things to knit LOL...I'm your Caffine Swap spoiler so I'm here stalking your style :) therefore staying anonymous!

Theresa said...

How do I love Malabrigo? Let me count the ways!
Thanks for mine - I love it. I should have my second Evangeline done soon (just in time for summer) and I'll post them.