Thursday, January 3, 2008

We made it to Arizona!

We arrived around 4:30pm on the 28th and actually got the truck completely unloaded. (which meant we were still unloading after dark but that's nothing new, we loaded in the dark too) Mom and Dad stayed with us over the weekend and helped move a few boxes and a bit of furniture around. Dad hurt his back pretty badly the weekend before so he was in pretty bad shape all weekend.

But just look at what Mom and I got finished! I've been looking forward to painting my laundry room teal ever since we were out here in October and I saw it in a model home that we walked through.
So far that is the only room that I've gotten painted, but I have the paint for the guest bedroom ready to go. We haven't decided on a color scheme for our living room or master bedroom yet so we aren't doing anything in those rooms right now. I think next up is going to be painting an accent wall in the kitchen.

Jason's Mom got us patio furniture as a house-warming present and we are starting to get that put together as well. Right now the patio is covered in empty boxes and the chairs that we've already got together. Every morning I sit and enjoy the silence of the neighborhood while I look at this.....

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