Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catch up post - SP12 questions

I've been bad the last few weeks about answering the SP12 questions so here I am doing a catch up post while being tortured with hiccups that won't go away.

Question #9 - Have you ever entered your knitting (or anything else) in the fair? Would you ever consider it?

It has never even occurred to me to enter anything in the fair so of course I've never done it. And now that I've been reading a few blogs and seen a few people entering their knitting in the fair it has me thinking. Maybe one day I will but it's still a ways off.

Question #10 - What Olympic event would best descibe your knitting/knitting style?

I honestly can't say since I don't watch the Olympics. Not to mention I haven't had nearly enough coffee to come up with a decent metaphor. Maybe cross country marathons because I can stay focused on one project if I put my mind to it.

Question #11 - What is the best thing you've ever received in the mail/post?

Anything that isn't a bill or junk mail!

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Monika said...

Hi Kelley, you'll find two links on my 10 stitch blanket posts to two different patterns. One is free and easily excessable, the other you can't get easily, unless you are in the UK and subcribe to the knitting guilt. You'll find both patterns on ravelry, one is called "Short row afghan" the other "Ten stitch blanket". :o)