Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finally finished the first sock!

Well it took a week longer than I had planned, but I kitchnered the toe last night and blocked sock #1.
Edit: This is not actually my first pair of socks ever, they are my 3rd (still not many). This is just the first of this pair.Hubby tried it on last night before I blocked it and it looked a tad big which has me a little concerned. I made the overall foot length 1/4" shorter than his foot hoping that it would make his sock fit better. I thought I did the same for the toe as well but seeing as I didn't atually measure that part, that may be longer than the 2" I was guessing. Doesn't matter, he likes to see if he is actually going to wear them (when I finish the 2nd) somewhere other than around the house! I have a feeling he is getting 1 sock for Christmas because I'm just not sure I can finish the other one in time.

I've now moved on to a pair of Fetching mitts for my sister. I've never made mitts before and never done cables before so this ought to be fun. I'm using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. I'll post pics when I actually have something to show, but for now I'm off to do my very first cable cast on.

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Lynn said...

Hi, found you through a comment on Knitspot's blog. Waving hello from Arlington.

This is your very first sock? It definitely does not *look* like a first sock.

You're moving? Moving is the pits! The only good thing about it, in my opinion, is the decorating that you get to do once the last box is in the door at the new place.

LittleBit and I moved in September. And I will probably move again in June, after she graduates. And then I hope I won't have to move until I buy a house.

Keep knitting, sister! You are obviously on a roll...