Friday, February 8, 2008

Best laid plans

Well I had such good intentions of showing you all my first completed tube sock but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I've got a couple of photos that are going to have to wait, the camera battery gave out on me just as I was about to upload to the computer.

This week has been lots of fun and it has also had it's sad parts. Monday was the first day of preschool for Sunshine. (the little girl I used to Nanny for)Her parents got a couple of pics of her in her school uniform along with a few from Christmas and her birthday that I missed since moving. I miss her so much that I just broke down in tears and OffLogic had to calm me down. If you are seeing this, I miss you Sunshine! Tell your momma to drown you in kisses and hugs for me!

Now, on to the fun part. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at my new LYS and had a blast. Tuesday I just hung out and knit all day with a group that meets there regularly. Wednesday's group has decided to have a First Wednesday Pot Luck and so I joined in the fun there as well. And I also learned to spin which I'm really looking forward to. I totally blame Rabbitch for the spinning though, as it was her comment "This time next year you'll either be dyeing wool or spinning. Trust me on this one" that planted the seed in my head. My first yarn is another pic you'll just have to wait for.

OffLogic is still home, he hasn't been sent out yet and it's starting to really get to him. He's never sat on the bench for this long with no work. Truth be told it's really starting to get to me as well...having him home doing nothing is getting really old. But as least next week we have fun things to look forward to. Tuesday is his birthday and though we don't have plans to do anything special, it will be fun to have him around for it. (not to mention Valentine's Day)

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Knitting Linguist said...

Rabbitch is certainly an enabler, no (in the best possible way, of course)? Can't wait to see the pictures of your finished socks, and your very own yarn!