Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Minor tragedy on the homefront

The day seemed to be pretty normal, you could even say we were having a good day. Hubby is home for a couple of weeks rather than travelling so we have been enjoying our afternoons together. (he has to work on eastern time)

We had just gotten home from picking up a Craigslist find and were settling in for the evening getting ready to cook dinner and doing a bit of laundry. Hubby started dinner and went to take the trash out while I started some laundry. Hubby came in from the garage and as he rounded the corner into the living room he started yelling. The pot on the stove was on fire! He tried to put it out as I came running and he saw it wasn't going to stop he yelled for me to call 911.

Everyone is ok, we got all the animals out of the house and over to the neighbors but not before I freaked out. I was on the phone while he was searching for the animals and he couldn't find Ellie...thats when I freaked. I wouldn't know what to do if I'd lost one of the animals. As soon as I saw that she was ok I stopped crying and collected myself.

So what once looked like this:

Now looks like this: (angle is different)

and the oven is in the back yard for now

We were the talk of the neighborhood tonight, one family even brought out their grandmother in her wheelchair to stare at us. Talk about humiliating! Thankfully the neighbors were home to take the animals for us until the fire department left and we got a bit of initial clean up done. Tomorrow we start the heavy duty cleaning going through each room and washing EVERYTHING!

The firemen probably thought I was crazy because as soon as we walked back in the house I gasped...the first thing I thought was "damn, I have to repaint the whole kitchen!" To me it looks devastating, but I know it could have been so much worse. I just can't let myself think of if that had happened.

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Knitting Linguist said...

What a terrifying thing to have happen! I'm so glad that everyone is OK, and that your husband caught the fire so quickly. But I can't imagine how overwhelming it must feel to know you've got to clean it all up now...