Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Favorite Things

I saw this on another blog and thought it might be fun, play along if you like and post your favorite things on your blog.

Sport: hocky
Game: Phase 10 or Rummy
Color: these days teal and purple
Movie: Grease
Broadway play I have seen: Les Miserables
Broadway Musical I have seen: Phantom of the Opera
Song: Merideth Brooks "Bitch"
American city I have visited: New York City
Foreign city I have visited: Paris, France
Book: anything by Clive Barker, Stephen King, Gregory MacGuire, Ann Rice or Christopher Rice
Children's Book: Dr. Suess all the way
Classic television show: Family Ties
Recent television show: House
Actor: Tom Hanks
Actress: not sure
Perfume: almost anything in a pretty bottle
Food: Fettucini Alfredo
Dessert: caramel anything
Chain Restaurant: Chili's
Local Restaurant: Oregeno's
Car: still deciding
Condiment: Mayo
Kitchen Appliance: coffee pot
Home Appliance: my computer
Beauty Product: Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel by Bath & Body Works
Piece of clothing: swimsuit.....it's Arizona after all
HGTV Show: Design Star
Food Network show: don't know, rarely watch it
Author: see fave book above
Male Songwriter: Rob Thomas
Female Songwriter: unsure
Holiday: Christmas
Ballet I have seen: The Nutcracker
Disney character: Tinkerbell
Flower: Tiger Lily
Alcoholic drink: frozen strawberry margarita
Non-Alcoholic drink: caramel frappuccino
Magazine: Interweave Knits
Animated movie: Lion King
Television network miniseries: Band of Brothers
Season: Winter
Male vocalist: Rob Thomas
Female vocalist: don't know
Day of the week: Saturday
Household Chore: no such thing
Ice Cream: Dulce de Leche from Hagan Daaz
Candy: Nilla Cakesters
Artist: too much beauty to choose from

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