Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Want a housekeeper?

I just saw this ad listed on Craigslist and haven't stopped laughing yet. Just the thought of it is keeping me in stitches.

Yes this is real why should only women do it !ladies i know you like a break from cleaning ,so why not have someone do it for you with a nice view any and all service avaliable. even windows and patios so if it sounds like something for you please contact me scheduling flexible if your married and dont want hubby to watch lol send details of what you need done and ill respond w/details to make it happen thanks email me at *******@yahoo.com

Too bad, hubby says I can't have one, the windows could use a good washing. Maybe this guy does lawn clean up too, the leaves are outta control and I'd LOVE to see the looks on my neighbors faces when they see a nude guy cleaning leaves out of my front yard.

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